Line Drawing – Cosmic Love

Line Drawing – Cosmic Love

Embark on a journey through the stars with “Cosmic Love,” a captivating line drawing that illustrates a moment of tenderness between two lovers. Their silhouettes, drawn with sharp white lines against a deep black backdrop, create a striking contrast that emphasizes a timeless kiss.The surrounding stars enhance the romantic narrative, implying a grand universe that pauses to honor their union. At the heart of their embrace, a delicate heart symbol emerges, signifying the pure love emanating from the couple. This piece of art encapsulates the perennial and radiant nature of love against the void, akin to stars in the night sky.

Adorn your merchandise with this “Cosmic Love” line drawing to transform any product into a work of art. Ideal for dark-hued items such as black, red, pink, blue T-shirts, pillows, phone cases, papers, posters, bags, and more, this graphic becomes less distinct against light backgrounds like white or gray.

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Our line drawings aren’t limited to mugs. They are versatile enough for t-shirts, papers, posters, bags, and much more, easily printable at your local shop. The images provided are ready for transfer onto Tumblers or Travel Mugs, coming in large dimensions of 23×10 inches.

With your order, you’ll receive two high-resolution, 300 DPI PNG files with transparent backgrounds, in sizes 23×10 inches and 10×10 inches, perfect for product printing or as clip art. Plus, you’ll get one 23×10 inch JPG file, all customizable for your specific needs and available for commercial use.

Please note that vector files are not included.

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